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How Celebrate your special day with a celebrity?

We all have celebrity crushes. Such is the hoopla around celebrities that if we get an opportunity to celebrate our special day with them, we will be on cloud nine. Getting in touch with your favorite celebrity or star is such as euphoric feeling. Greetingly is an amazing platform that helps you celebrate your special day such as your anniversary, birthday, promotion, etc with your chosen Instagrammer, TV Star, singer, Bollywood star, Tik Toker, Youtuber, etc.

Get connected to your favorite celebrity

We have always been celebrating with our friends and family. But this is like an every year thing. But what if besides receiving beautiful gifts, roses, champagne, etc on your birthday you get a chance to receive a special message from your favorite celebrity crush. This actually gives a smile on the face. In fact, you can even arrange for a celebrity video message for your special someone and make their day truly memorable. A surprise like this is easily possible these days due to the wonderful platforms like Greetingly. With Greetingly such a rendezvous can be arranged for anyone that you want. The service is not very expensive and it is worth the effort that you will make.

Plan a special dinner

We all like to bring a smile on the face of people we love. And we know that they’ll love the opportunity to celebrate their special day with their favorite star then why not do it. You can arrange a three course dinner for your special someone and then on that dinner arrange to play a video message for them from their favorite star. It is all about creating a scene which they will always thank you for. When you get video greetings from people you admire or look up to in life, it is such a beautiful feeling.

Just browse through the directory of different celebrities, choose the one that you like and then you are good to go. If the celebrity that you like is not on the list, you can inform the team at Greetingly, and they will go all the way to convince the celebrity that you like to send you a personalized video getting message. The message will be crisp and sweet.

Where do you find the video?

Once the video from the celebrity is received it can be seen on the “My Greetings” section of the site. All you need to do is download the video and then share it with whom so ever you love. This site is all about spreading love and you can do it effortlessly with them. Just ask what you wish and they will get back with it without any hassle.


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